In order to be able to find the time to follow our artistic (and otherwise) passions (not to mention take care of orders[!]),we no longer take apprentices. Contact us if you are interested in joining our collaborative to work alongside us professionally pursuing art, homesteading, farming, woodworking, forest work, timberframing, yurt making, etc.

Farm Apprentice
Homesteading, Farming, Woodworking & Building
Opportunity:  This is an opportunity for an individual or couple to gain experience and skills on a diverse homesteading farm.

  • Dedication to learning and working hard.
  • Willingness to work independently and in partnership with others on the farm
  • Recommended: Four-wheel drive vehicle for winter, cell phone
Areas of Apprenticeship:
  • Egg Production – flock care; collecting, cleaning, boxing, & delivery of eggs
  • Animal husbandry – cattle, pigs, meat birds: feeding, water, fencing, butchering
  • Vegetable and fruit production – planting, cultivating, harvesting, and preserving for our use on the farm
  • Yurts – harvesting yurt poles, yurt assembly, sewing covers & insulation
  • Carpentry and woodworking - stick and timber framing   
  • Food provision – creating meals from products grown and raised on the farm
  • Woodlot management – firewood and yurt parts
  • Marketing of yurts and farm products
  • Online recording of farming, nature, weather, studies, observations
  • Humanure composting
Stipend and Responsibilities:
You will receive
  • Hands-on training in agricultural production, carpentry, & homesteading
  • The chance to study and explore native flora and fauna, homestead arts, music, sustainability, community, and additional agricultural areas of interest
  • Accommodation in a Two Girls Farm yurt
  • Farm-raised food
  • Firewood, internet
  • $50/week stipend. 
In exchange for
  • Daily responsibilities with livestock and crops  
  • Yurt building
  • Preparing meals, keeping kitchen and food areas clean and organized
  • Maintaining living and work spaces

 Contact Ken Gagnon for more info: 603-499-2568,