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We will buy or barter for saplings.  See

The focus of our business is creating shelter for people in New England. We love to inspire people to create their own, giving direction as needed along the way. We are also happy to build you your shelter; since raising yurts for yurt dwellers is what pays our bills. In special circumstances, we will also build yurts for other purposes: studios, classrooms, getaways, rentals, etc. We handcraft our yurts on the farm here in Acworth, NH, using un-milled round wood saplings for the rafters and split-lattice walls. Our materials are sustainably harvested from coppiced hardwood forests.  We have lived in our yurts through the New England winters for a very long time, and have developed knowledge about materials and systems that work well for cold weather.  Check out a piece I wrote on How to Live in a Yurt here.

Free Delivery and Raising
Our yurts are our babies: We deliver within New England to Vermont, New Hampshire,
western Massachusetts, and southern Maine.  We help raise them with you and your crew. This is our way of seeing them well settled into their new homes.

"We spent our first night in the Yurt last night, slept very well with an owl hooting near by. It is so nice, you did a beautiful job
with it.  We are very happy in our yurt. . . . we are starting to feel at home out there.  I felt the raising went great and we hope you did to.  We enjoyed working with you!"
Authentic Mongolian Designed Skylights
We took a thousand-year old Mongolian design and adapted it to New England's climate.  They are available with or without a central chimney. These are the first and only (that we know of) to be made in the western hemisphere. And the only ones of this style--ever--built all sealed up with glass and a center chimney. Gengis Kahn, eat your heart out.

New in 2014: Central Asian (Uzbek) Three Season Yurt.

--As those of you who saw us at the Common Ground Fair can attest, the fifteen-footer comes down in about nine minutes and goes back up in less than double that time. The cover is treated canvas with traditional painted designs. Steam-bent roof ring, rafters, and doorway.  All wood straight from the forest. Canvas skylight cover included. Diameters: ten, fifteen, and twenty foot. Pricing: ten foot: $3,400; fifteen foot: $4,500; twenty foot: $5,600. 

Year-Round Mongolian Yurt Pricing Schedule

The four-season yurt includes:

  • heavy duty 40mil cover (roof is the same material that some folks sell as an optional heavy-duty roof). All white with red bands (traditional: this is the hot fashion trend among eastern nomads for the last few thousand years) or tan roof with green walls and black trim.
  • Sapling roof rafters and split lattice wall.
  • Hand-built roof ring.
  • Nine-pane arched mongolian-style skylight with polycarbonate panes. Optional chimney through center.
  • Thirty-two inch handmade wooden door with full window
  • All assembly hardware
  • Delivery and set-up with your crew is free. If you are outside of NH, VT, western MA, or southern ME, please find some enterprising young lass or lad and send them up to us to learn how to build yurts for your region. We do not ship our yurts. 


14' Yurt     ~    $3,600

17' Yurt     ~    $4,750

20' Yurt    ~    $5,900

25' Yurt     ~   $8,200

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    A fourteen foot yurt set up in the door yard

In Addition


6-inch insulated chimney through skylight, with 2 feet above roof, rain cap, and stovepipe adapter:  $400

The same idea but through the wall with a post, clean-out, etc: $800


foil-faced foam insulation with inner liner - walls and roof (floor insulation not included):  

14' yurt     ~     $800

17' yurt    ~      $1100

20' yurt    ~     $1,400

25' yurt     ~     $1,900


Screen panel sewn in with a clear cover   ~ $85               

Individual Parts

For those who wish to create their own yurt frame, we can offer the following parts:

roof ring                                 $400

skylight                                   $700

door                                         $600       

Cover, yurt lattice, & rafters based on 20' pricing (other sizes available upon request):

cover                                       $2,200 ($3,200 for 25')

lattice                                      $1,100

             rafters                                      $650

Also Available:

Arched door     $800 with either the 5' or 6' wall.

Six foot wall is available for $960 on the 17' yurt ($1,060 with insulation), $1,060 on the 20' yurt ($1,160 with insulation) and for $1,860 on the 25' yurt ($1,960 with insulation).  More details on our faq page.

Second door or 'hard' window: $1,000.

Replace What You Use. (we have ample poles as of April 2017)

They don’t sell saplings at the hardware store (thank heavens), so we are always hunting around for more saplings. To that end, we ask that you try to replace what you use. We will bring them back with us from the raising. They should be hardwoods cut within a couple weeks of the raising so that they are fresh, straight, limbed, clean, and of the correct size (this last one is important: details can be read here). You should yard them up where we can get to them with the truck and trailer.  We will give you a discount for your replacement saplings as follows:

Size yurt:                           14’      17’       20’       25'       Replacement saplings:   70      100     120      160           Discount:                        $210  $300   $360  $480

If you can't get a hold of saplings to replace the ones in your yurt, we will try to find someone who can (it may take a bit longer). If you are able to cut more than your replacement amount, we will deduct $3 each off your final yurt invoice. We can bring back 300 on our trailer.

If you are in Mass, NY, or these counties of New Hampshire (Belknap, Rockingham, Hillsboro, or Merrimack), there is an emerald ash borer quarantine on your ash. All the other hardwoods are fine.

Solar Box
Ready-to-go Solar Kit. Designed for daily use. The 200w will charge phones and laptops; and power speakers, lights, and a small electric appliance. The 400w will do all that, plus run a small efficient refrigerator. Both kits come with 2 AC outlets, 2 USB, one cigarette-style outlet, digital voltage meter, and manual. Can be customized now or expanded later. 

These kits are better than anything we can find online. But like any photovoltaic setup, they are limited by sunshine. So learn to conserve, and try not to murder your batteries. Tech support included.

Small kit: 2-100w panels on rack, 300-600 psw inverter, 100Ah battery. $1,650.
Large kit: 4-100w panels on rack, 600-1200 psw inverter, 200Ah battery. $2,500. 

To order a Two Girls Yurt:

We make every effort to facilitate folks ready to take the jump out to year-round yurt living. We will not schedule May or June raisings for part-time-use yurts until after April first. That said, if you strive to be a full-time yurt dweller come spring, give us a heads-up as soon as you can. Ken delivers and raises nearly all the yurts himself, and we haven't cloned him yet.

We accept a 50% deposit with your order.  Once we receive your deposit, we get right to work on customizing your yurt. We have lots more useful information available on our FAQ pageFor more information, to visit a yurt, or to order a Two Girls Yurt, you can contact us by email at or call (603) 499-2568.