-- We have extremely limited availability for May 2022. If you wish to order a yurt for a full-time dwelling, please send an email telling us a bit about yourselves, where you're located, what size, color, and options you want. --Adriane and Ken


The focus of our business is creating shelter for people in New England. If you are looking for a yurt for occasional use, you might try Grandma Shirley's yurts in VT, woman-owned Blue Ridge yurts in Virginia, or Colorado yurts. We handcraft our yurts on the farm here in Acworth, NH, using un-milled round wood saplings for the rafters and split-lattice walls. Our materials are sustainably harvested from coppiced hardwood forests. We have lived in our yurts through the New England winters for a very long time, and have developed knowledge about materials and systems that work well for wet and cold weather. Visiting Us.

What's Included

The four-season yurt includes:

  • heavy duty 40mil cover (roof is the same Duro-Last material that some folks sell as an optional heavy-duty roof). All white with red bands (traditional: this is the hot fashion trend among eastern nomads for the last few thousand years) or tan roof with green walls and black trim (blends in better in the trees but gets hot out in the open).

  • Sapling roof rafters and split lattice wall.

  • Hand-built roof ring.

  • Nine-pane arched Mongolian-style skylight with UV-resistant polycarbonate panes. Copper ribbing. Optional chimney through center. These are the first and only (that we know of) to be made in the western hemisphere. And the only ones of this style (ever?) built all sealed up with glass and a center chimney.

  • Thirty-two inch handmade wooden door with full tempered glass window

  • All assembly hardware.

  • We schedule pickups each May on a first-come basis when we receive your deposit.


14' Yurt ~ $5,500

17' Yurt ~ $7,000

20' Yurt ~ $8,200

25' Yurt ~ $11,000


Insulation: Foil-faced foam with inner liner. Walls and roof. Floor insulation not included.

14' Yurt ~ $1,250

17' Yurt ~ $1,600

20' Yurt ~ $1,800

25' Yurt ~ $2,850

Chimney: 6-inch. Insulated.

--Through skylight. Includes stovepipe adapter and rain cap: $580

--Through the wall. Supported by posts. Includes tee, clean-out, etc: $1,080

You provide the connecting single-wall flue pipe, any elbows, a hearth (two if against the wall), and the stove.

Windows: Screen panel sewn in with a clear removable cover: $160

'Hard' window, or a second door: $1,350

Taller Wall: Five-foot wall is standard. Six foot wall for $960 on the 17' yurt ($1,060 with insulation), $1,060 on the 20' yurt ($1,160 with insulation) and $1,860 on the 25' yurt ($1,960 with insulation). More details on our faq page.

Individual Parts

For those who wish to create their own yurt frame, we have roof rings ($700), skylights ($950), and doors ($1,000). Also covers ($4,000 for 20', $4,900 for 25'). Inquire for other a-la-carte prices.

Solar Box

Ready-to-go solar kit. Designed for daily use. The 200 watt kit charges phones and laptops, powers speakers and lights, and runs small electric appliances. The 400 watt will do all that, plus run a small efficient refrigerator. Both kits come with an AC outlet, 2 USB plug-ins, and remote box with AC and DC power and a DC light. As well as a digital voltage meter and manual. Can be customized now or expanded later.

These kits are better than anything we can find online. But like any photovoltaic setup, they are limited by sunshine. If your site is not in full sun, solar will not work for you.

Small kit: 200w panels on rack, 1000 psw inverter, 100Ah battery. $2,400.

Large kit: 400w panels on rack, 2000 psw inverter, 200Ah batteries. $2,950.

To order a Two Girls Yurt:

We make everything by hand ourselves, so unfortunately we cannot accommodate everyone. Year-round yurt living in New England is our forte, so we make every effort to facilitate folks ready to take the jump out to year-round yurt living. Our yurts work best when they are lived in year-round.

Our yurts are available for pickup in May.

We accept a 50% deposit with your order. We do not accept electronic payment: check or cash works best. If you have to cancel, there is a $500 restocking fee once we have begun customizing your yurt. We have lots more useful information available on our FAQ page. For more information, to visit us, or place an order, call (603) 499-2568 or email ken@twogirlsfarm.org.