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Beef Order Form

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At Two Girls Farm in Acworth New Hampshire we raise 100% grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free, healthy and happy Scottish Highland cattle. All summer long, the animals graze lush pastures. They rest in the shade of green woodlands. They drink cool clear water from the running brook. Come winter, they munch fragrant green hay while their long wooly coats keep them warm without having to put on extra layers of fat.

Every fall we slaughter a few of the older steers ourselves. This old-fashioned breed takes twice as long to reach full size as modern beef cattle, but the reward is a healthy, flavorful meat that is very low in fat. We then take them to be professionally cut and wrapped by a local butcher. A quarter animal will include steaks, roasts, ribs, and ground beef. You have the option to keep soup bones, dog bones, and tallow; and some of the liver and heart at no extra charge. You can specify quantities and sizes for all the cuts, have it cubed for stew or kabobs, or even thinly sliced for making jerky.

The total cost for us to raise, slaughter, and process your quarter steer will depend on its final size. Shares come in 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 sizes. The cost is based on hanging weight (that’s the weight of the animal after we kill it, skin it, and clean it out).  A half share is $3.80/lb at hanging weight (hw), a quarter share is $4.00/lb hw, and an eighth share is $4.25/lb hw. A quarter of an animal will cost about $650 for about 100 pounds of cuts.

To reserve your half share for this Fall, please send us a check for $600 ($325 for a quarter, $175 for an eighth) by March 31. We cull only two or three animals every year so we will sell out early. In addition, please fill out and return the enclosed cut sheet.

We will slaughter your steer toward the end of September. Within the week after it is butchered, your meat will be frozen and ready for pickup at the farm.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us.

Ken Gagnon, Two Girls Farm


Two Girls Farm Beef Order Sheet 

Please print and return with deposit by March 31.

Name: ____________________ Phone ___________ Size of share:   1/8      1/4      1/2   

Roasts: Size in pounds: ___________

Steak: Thickness: ¾”________ 1”__________ 1-1/2”__________

Hamburg. Package size: 1 lb.________ 1-1/2 lb._________ 2 lb. _________

Stew Beef: Package size: 1 lb.________ 1-1/2 lb._________ 2 lb. _________

Short Ribs: Y/N________

Clean Marrow Bones Save: Y/N _______

Shank Bones with meat for Stew: Y/N_______

Chuck Roasts. Boneless?_____ -or- Bone-in?_____ -or- Grind?______

Boneless Chuck Roasts: Y/N _______

Chuck Steaks: Y/N________

Boneless Chuck Steaks: Y/N _______

Rib Steaks: Y/N _______

Boneless Rib Steaks (Delmonico): Y/N ________

Standing Rib Roasts: Y/N _________

Tallow?______ Liver?_______ Heart?______

Please print and return this sheet with your deposit ($175/eighth,  $325/quarter, $600/half) to:

Ken Gagnon

Two Girls Farm

238 Quaker City Road

Acworth, New Hampshire 03601