Looking for more Saplings

Size: base:  2-3/4" dia, tip: 1-1/2" dia.  (make a template to take with you in the woods)

Length: Must be full length: The entire section of the tree that is 2-3/4" at one end and 1-1/2" at the other-- whether it's 15', 20', or more.   

Species: hardwood: Maple, hop horn beam, beech, cherry, or ash (see quarantine note below).  (no birch, basswood, poplar, striped maple, oak, or softwoods)

Details: -Freshly cut.                                                                                          -No dead wood.                                                                                      -No skidding damage.                                                                           -Branches removed without damage to the trunk.                                   -Bark clean: not covered with dirt or ice or snow.                                 -Bends and crooks kept to a minimum and sweep must not exceed the diameter.                                                                                              -Ends squared.  

$300 - $400 PER HUNDRED SAPLINGS DELIVERED TO US. (depending on quality)

Contact: Ken Gagnon.  238 Quaker City Rd,  Acworth.   603-499-2568                                              

Due to the emerald ash borer quarantine, we are not accepting ash saplings from Mass, NY, or any of these NH counties: Belknap, Rockingham, Hillsboro, or Merrimack.

Also interested in hardwood sapling stands 10-20 years old within 30 miles of Acworth, NH  to harvest poles directly. We will pay you a stumpage amount.  Fully insured.

Please send photos of supply with scale to measure. If you are uncertain about the suitability of your poles, we'll look at your photos or visit your site and try to help you out.