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Two Girls Farm Pigs

If you’re looking for local, hormone and antibiotic-free, humanely raised pork, you’ve come to the right place. We raise happy, healthy, well-loved pigs in my barn and pasture. They are fed grain, food scraps from some of Keene’s finest restaurants, wild apples, acorns, and excess produce from our own farm.

When the nights start freezing in the Fall, we slaughter them ourselves. We then take them to be professionally cut and wrapped by a local butcher. A half pig will yield 80 to 90 pounds of chops, ribs, bacon, ham, roasts, and sausage; in addition to such delicacies as ham hocks, trotters, and back fat for making salt pork or lard.


The total cost for us to raise, slaughter, process, and smoke your half pig will depend on its final size. We charge $2.75/pound hanging weight (that’s the weight of the pig after we kill it and clean it out) to raise, slaughter, and process your pig. The bacon and ham will cost about $1.10/lb to smoke. So the total cost to you for a half pig will range between $340 and $420.

To reserve your whole or half pig for this Fall, please send us a check for $195 ($390 for a whole pig) to help cover our input costs. Your piglet will be setting up residence on the farm in April/May, so we need to receive your deposit by March 31. (our barn and pasture space is limited and we sell out early) In addition, please fill out and return the enclosed cut sheet.

We will slaughter your pig toward the end of October. Within the week after your pig is butchered, your unsmoked meat will be frozen and ready. We will call you to set up delivery and payment. We can deliver to Acworth and Alstead folks—we’ll make special arrangements for others to get their meat (note: our freezer space is limited). A couple of weeks later, the smoked portion of your meat will be ready for delivery / pickup.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us!

Ken Gagnon, Two Girls Farm


Two Girls Farm Pork Order Sheet 

Please print and return by March 31. (pdf version available below)

Name: _____________________ Phone: _________________ Email: _____________

                    Whole Pig     or    Half Pig

If you are splitting your share with someone else, fill out only ONE cut sheet per half pig.

-Do you want the following smoked or fresh:

Hams     Smoked or Fresh

                    Whole or Sliced [if sliced, do you want them sliced in Half, as Steaks]

Bacon     Smoked or Fresh

                    Whole or Sliced [if sliced, how much in a package ½ #, 1#, _____Other]

Shoulders     Smoked or Fresh    

                             [if fresh, do you want the Bone Removed]

                            Whole or Sliced [if sliced, do you want them sliced in Half, as Steaks]

Porkchops         How Thick ________        How many in a package ? _________

Roast         What Size 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, ________Other

Country Style Spare Ribs         How many in a package? _________

Sausage       If ½ a pig, choose one: Italian or Breakfast

                          How much in a package 1#, 1-1/2#, _________Other

                          If a whole pig, can do both: Italian and / or Breakfast

                          How much in a package 1#, 1-1/2#, _________Other

Back Fat     Yes          No

Hocks          Yes          No

Trotters     Yes          No


Please return this sheet with your deposit (half pig: $195, whole pig: $390, check made out to Ken Gagnon) to:

Two Girls Farm

238 Quaker City Road

Acworth, New Hampshire 03601

Ken Gagnon,
Sep 6, 2012, 5:28 PM