(We are no longer taking interns)

Homesteading, Farming, Woodworking & Building

Start Date: Current

Duration: 6 - 18 mos. (or ongoing)

This is an opportunity to build experience and skills in running and maintaining a diverse homesteading farm. Responsibilities will include helping with the current livestock and enterprises of the homestead, with opportunity to develop your own, fitting in with the vision of the farm. For the right individual, this internship has the possibility of evolving into a long term partnership involving shared ownership and management of the farm.


  • Dedication to learning and working hard.

  • Some experience and/or familiarity with livestock, fruit & vegetable production, or woodworking

  • Willingness to work independently and in partnership with others on the farm

  • Recommended: Four-wheel drive vehicle, cell phone

Responsibilities (shared with others on the farm):

  • Egg Production – collecting, cleaning, boxing, & delivery of eggs

  • Animal husbandry – feeding, water, fencelines, etc.

  • Garden – planting, weeding, harvesting, preserving

  • Yurts – collecting yurt poles, yurt assembly, sewing covers & insulation

  • Firewood – harvesting and delivery

  • Butchering – chickens, cattle, pigs

  • Farm Maintenance – plowing in winter, brush hogging, etc.

  • Maintenance of living and work space

  • Food provision – preparing meals, keeping kitchen and food inventory clean & organized.

  • Marketing of yurts and animal products

Income Opportunities:

  • yurt production – pole harvesting, assembly, stitching, woodworking & raising

  • sale of intern-produced agricultural products & firewood

Tuition/Lease Fee:

Work exchange and training in exchange for room & board, use of farm infrastructure & equipment, use of farm name & business network in the community, electricity, wi-fi, intentional training in animal husbandry, carpentry, & homesteading.

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