Farm Products

CHICKEN: $3.50/lb legs and thighs, $5.50/lb boneless skinless breasts.

PORK: $2.75/pound of hanging weight  plus $1.10/lb to smoke ham and bacon.

For a half pig, you’ll end up paying somewhere between $340 and $420 for about 85 lbs of meat.   Pork Order Form

BEEF: Available in 1/2 share, 1/4 share, or 1/8 share sizes.

        1/2 share    ~     $3.80/lb hanging weight

        1/4 share    ~    $4.00/lb hanging weight

        1/8 share    ~    $4.25/lb hanging weight

For a quarter of a highland steer, you'll end up paying approximately $600 for about 100 lbs of cuts.  Beef Order Form

Side note: Here's a link to an excellent radio interview with a New York butcher - looking about a new, old way of looking at farm-raised beef.  The Story - The Meat Hook

EGGS: brown shelled--free-range-- extra  large--$3.00/dozen.

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