238 Quaker City Road                       Acworth, New Hampshire                     (603) 499-2568                        twogirlsyurts@gmail.com

Accepting orders for 2024 yurts till late summer.

Full-time yurt dwellers get 10% off.

Our yurts have been hand-built in NH for 25 years. We have personally lived in them year-round for decades. 

Several hundred more of them are lived in year-round in northern New England. 

We are the oldest yurt company in the Northeast, and we still handcraft our yurts right here in Acworth, NH, using materials from local coppiced hardwood forests.

Since we have lived in our yurts through the New England winters for a very long time, we have developed knowledge about materials and systems that work well for wind, wet and cold weather.  Visiting Us.

BASE PRICE. You may take 10% off the base price if will be living in your yurt full time.

14' Yurt     ~    $5,100

17' Yurt     ~    $6,550

20' Yurt    ~     $7,500

25' Yurt     ~    $9,500

What's Included

--We have a few 5' walls left from last year. Take 5% off the base price.



14' Yurt     ~    $1,250     

17' Yurt     ~    $1,600  

20' Yurt    ~     $1,800   

25' Yurt     ~    $2,850


 Through skylight: $580.                      Through the wall. $1,280.

Second Door or Hard Window:

Individual Parts

Build your own sapling frame with our free instructions and buy these parts:

-roof ring   $600 

-skylight    $950 

-door          $1,000 

-cover:       $3,000 for 17', $3,300 for 20', $4,000 for 25'

Delivery and Raising with your crew:

Like an old-fashioned barn raising, but a yurt. We show up in the morning with your yurt. You provide several extra pairs of hands. With our direction, it's up by the afternoon. $500 to $1,000 depending on distance, size.


Our yurts are available for pickup in spring and fall, and occasionally summer and winter. We accept a 50% deposit with your order.  For more information, to visit us, or place an order, call (603) 499-2568 or email twogirlsyurts@gmail.com